• Literacy
    Reading and writing. Pre-reading and pre-writing for the young or early years to prepare them for formal reading and writing.
  • Numeracy
    Numeracy basically covers Mathematics which improves the child’s ability to understand and work with numbers.
  • Science
    Subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology as they relate with nature and behaviour of natural things and the knowledge that we obtain about them.
  • Humanities
    This covers History, Geography and Christian Religious Education (CRE) subjects that study aspects of human society and culture.
  • Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Development (PSHE)
    This focuses on a child’s organisational and interaction skills and emotional development; managing hygiene, how to relate with others and manage their emotions and the emotions of others
  • Design and Technology(D&T)
    Children come up with a solution to a problem, make things that work. They innovate to solve real problems or challenges around them.
  • Art and Craft.
  • Information and Technology (ICT).
    ICT is taught for children to be able to use information and communications technology to support, enhance and optimise the delivery of information.
  • French
    At SIS, we want our children to be able to articulate themselves in more than one international language, that is why French is taught.
  • Music
    Children learn how to play musical instruments and read music.