• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    This focuses on a child’s organisational and interaction skills and emotional development, managing hygiene, how to relate with others and manage their emotions and the emotions of others.
  • Communication and Language
    Development of a child’s communication skills and their language through the extension of their vocal skills. They master language and use it to communicate effectively.
  • Physical development
    Gross and fine mortal development of a child through activities that develop hand-eye coordination and general awareness of the space around them.
  • Mathematics
    Explore numbers, shapes, space and measurements.
  • Literacy
    Reading and writing. Pre-reading and pre-writing for the young or early years to prepare them for formal reading and writing.
  • Understanding the world
    Understanding people, cities and the technology around them plus the living things in their environment.
  • Expressive arts and development
    Children expressing themselves through singing, design and making art, dance and drama. Children also learn how to play musical instruments and read music.